Ocado Delivery FAQ – Answers to All Your Questions!

Ocado Delivery FAQ: If you need to get more familiar with Ocado, here’s the scoop: it’s an online food delivery service that promises to save you time and money compared to grocery shopping. Here are some answers to questions about Ocado delivery, including when you can expect your order to arrive and what happens if you’re not at home when they come knocking!

1: What is Ocado?


Ocado is an online grocery that delivers groceries right to your door. The company was founded in the UK but has since expanded its services worldwide. Ocado offers a variety of grocery options and delivers them directly to your home with no added costs. You can also choose a delivery slot that suits you best and track the progress of your order online.

2: How do I book a delivery slot?

Once you’re at our website or app’s homepage, select Book a delivery, fill in your correct address in the drop-down list, and browse your calendar to find available delivery times.

After you find a free space that works for you, click on it. The slot you select will be held for 60 minutes, which should give you enough time to finish your purchase. Place an order and amend it before the cutoff time if you want to lengthen the delivery window.

3: What if I’m not home when my order arrives?

With your permission, we’ll leave your products in a safe place if you’re not home for delivery. The address book on your account or when checking out your order can be used to provide delivery instructions. Please note that age-restricted items cannot be left unattended. Using our Contact us page, let us know if you are away from home for your delivery today.

4: What in case of late Ocado delivery?


If a delivery driver calls to let you know they will be late, that only sometimes means our fulfillment center delayed the shipment; it might just mean there was traffic. However, if your order has not arrived within two hours of when it should have, don’t hesitate to contact customer service, and we’ll look into what happened to you.

5: How much does Ocado charge for delivery?

Delivery prices will depend on location, and these prices may fluctuate depending on your slot. You can check out Ocado’s website for more information.

6: Where does Ocado deliver?

With Ocado, you can order groceries delivered right to your door and home essentials or even fill up your pantry with bulk purchases. The company operates nationwide, providing services in several parts of the United Kingdom, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

7: What are the Ocado delivery times?

Delivery is free for orders over £25, and a one-time charge of £3.95 applies for all other orders. Ocado offers deliveries Monday-Friday between 7 am and 8 pm. Saturday delivery is available, but only until 5 pm. Sunday delivery will be available, but this service is not yet active. 

Delivery times vary by postcode; some arrive as early as 4:30 am, while others are delivered as late as 11:00 pm. Plan your order accordingly to take advantage of the earliest possible morning delivery slot if you need something before work or school.

8: Can I order food from Ocado?

Yes, you can order food from Ocado. You can order any items on the website and place an order for delivery or collection. The online retailer also offers a range of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other groceries. You can even add a bottle of wine to your delivery if you’re feeling celebratory!

Yes, you can order food from Ocado. You can order any items on the website and place an order for delivery or collection. The online retailer also offers a range of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other groceries. You can even add a bottle of wine to your delivery if you’re feeling celebratory! 

9: Can I book a delivery before I’ve placed an order?


Yes, it is possible. We recommend reserving a time slot before you start shopping so that you know what’s in stock and what delivery time you can have. Slots held while you complete your order expires after 60 minutes if you still need to complete your order. If your selected delivery falls through, you may need to either re-book the slot or choose a new one.

10: When will Ocado deliver to my area?

If you’re based in London, and your delivery address is within our coverage area, you’ll be able to receive a delivery from us. If your delivery address is outside of this area, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Services team so that we can provide you with more information. 

11: Can I see my last Ocado order?

Yes, you can. You’ll need your order number and email address. If you want to make a list of items for your next order, check out the My Ocado section on the home page. This will show all your last orders, and you can choose what’s coming up next. You can also order anything in this section if it is in stock at your local store.

12: Can I change my delivery address?


You can change your delivery address anytime by visiting the ‘My deliveries’ page and selecting the ‘Change delivery address link. You’ll need to know your old and new addresses and your password. 

 you want to change your address for delivery, we recommend doing so before you click on ‘Pay now. Once you’ve clicked on ‘Pay now’, you’ll need to contact our customer services team with a request for a refund of the goods (minus any shipping charge) and then complete a new order with the correct delivery address. 

We do not have the option to change delivery addresses for same-day orders, but if you want more information about this, don’t hesitate to contact our customer services team.

13: How can I check the delivery status of my order?

Your estimated delivery time is available on the homepage when logged in.

Your order status is displayed in a yellow box, so you will know if your order will be delivered on time. Absolutely! You can see the status of your delivery order anytime you want.


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